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Biological Dynamics Markup Language

What is BDML?

BDML (Biological Dynamics Markup Language) is an open format for representing quantitative data of biological dynamics. It is based on eXtensible Markup Language (XML). BDML covers a wide variety of quantitative data of biological dynamics from molecules to cells to organisms. The following paper is describing BDML and BDML-compatible software tools. Version of BDML is corresponding to OmicsBDML schema.

Publications describing BDML

Koji Kyoda, Yukako Tohsato, Kenneth H. L. Ho, Shuichi Onami (2015)
Biological Dynamics Markup Language (BDML): an open format for representing quantitative biological dynamics data. Bioinformatics 31(7): 1044-1052 (online link).

BDML schema

BDML version 3.0 schema file (the latest version)

BDML version 0.20 schema file

BDML version 0.18 schema file

BDML version 0.15 schema file

BDML specification

BDML version 0.20 specification

BDML version 0.18 specification